Techulon is a Blacksburg, Virginia-based company with over $3.5M in investments from private and public sources. The company is an early-stage translational firm that maintains a strong collaborative relationship with Virginia Tech and was founded by leadership within the University’s College of Science. The company’s management team is seasoned in biotech startups, applied R&D, and commercialization. Techulon’s unique ability to pioneer effective delivery mechanisms for therapeutic applications formed the basis for the first products. The company maintains offices with a full research lab at the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center.



Techulon evolved from core research initiated at the College of Science at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA. The company expanded its focus through the research efforts required to translate simple nucleic acid delivery systems. In 2010, the company established partnerships to expand its capability in delivery.

With the addition of computational biology capabilities that could identify genes that are responsible for bacterial function, Techulon was positioned for clinical application. In 2012, the company expanded its knowledge into the area of cell-penetrating peptides and developed knowledge of a final critical component for delivery coupled with therapeutics.

Based on the success of this platform, DARPA funded Techulon for a Phase I and subsequent Phase II SBIR award to focus on wound healing and specifically treatment of multi-drug resistant (MDR) infections. The company has completed initial milestones for this study and will be expanding toward clinical trials in 2014.
2010 First commercial platform license
2010 Partnership with Novartis
2011 Winner Phase I SBIR DARPA
2012 First trials in animals
2013 Phase II SBIR DARPA
2013 Patents filed on first therapeutic
2014 Optimized efficacy in MRSA model