Our Platform

A key benefit of our approach is the specific nature of the genomic targeting of Techulon’s platform. We believe this approach reduces or eliminates susceptible to resistance, as with other antibiotics. In addition, Techulon’s approach reduces the likelyhood of ‘off-target’ side effects. Techulon achieves this through the use of nanotherapeutics based on the binding of a specific nucleic acid sequence with a peptide protein that forms a synthetic particle capable of delivery into bacterial cells.
cell penetrating peptide
Peptide permeates bacteria cell wall
and delivers PNA cargo

Biologically-derived molecules targeted to unique and specific genetic signatures of individual bacterial species demonstrate effective antimicrobial activity with increased specificity relative to chemical-based systems. Techulon’s key technology, Peptide-Peptide Nucleic Acid (PPNAs) are robust and genetically specific. This technology represents a potential new generation of selective antibiotics. Techulon has demonstrated this approach in a new class of antibiotic molecules developed for rapid response to common, new, and engineered multidrug resistant threats. Techulon has developed a targeted approach to inhibit growth of common MDR bacteria and new strains of bacteria.

P-PNA agents developed at Techulon are a narrow spectrum antibacterial.  This example selectively inhibits S. aureus using essential gene silencing.  Techulon has developed these agents for several different bacteria including S aureus, aeruginosa, and A. baumannii.