Advanced Therapeutics to Fight Antibiotic Resistant Infections

Techulon is leading the next generation of disease treatment  through development of  safe and effective treatments for drug resistant infections. The company uses a proven method to defeat bacteria at the genomic level. Unlike current antibiotics on the market, the drugs that are derived from Techulon’s approach are potent and not susceptible to resistance.Techulon's enabling technology is a robust platform that allows for delivery of nucleic acids for a variety of therapeutic applications.

DARPA Funds Techulon for $1.9M

The company has recently been awarded a $1.9M contract from DARPA to advance its antimicrobial platform to fight both Gram-negative as well as Gram-positive bacteria. Using a novel informatics approach, the company has identified new gene targets and is developing antimicrobial therapeutics for broad applications.

Development and Pipeline

The focus of Techulon’s therapeutic efforts is the use of nucleic acids (RNA, DNA, mRNA, etc.) introduced through cell-penetrating carriers to disrupt gene programs for clinical benefit. This approach is becoming more widely used in personalized medicines and in highly targeted clinical applications. The company has extensive experience with a variety of delivery carriers as well as nucleic acid formulations.